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“The ILU-Code, a standardized identifier for intermodal loading units in Europe, is an important voluntary initiative supporting the competitiveness of Combined Transport. It is a very good example of paperless solution for stakeholders of these transport-chains.”

Violeta Bulc, European Commissioner for Transport


ilu_code_register_201605_enILU-Code Register

The ILU-Code Register is available in English.

Downloads (PDF): EN

ilu_code_flyer_201505_enILU-Code, the European identifier of intermodal loading units

This document is available in English, French and German.

Downloads (PDF): EN - FR - DE


ILU-Code customer leaflet

The ILU-Code leaflet for customers is available in EN, FR, DE.

Downloads (PDF): EN - FR - DE

ILU-Leaflet-cover_deNew markings of intermodal loading units in Europe

The new EN 13044 standard for the marking of intermodal loading units simplifies the access to Combined Transport and brings efficiency impovements for all those envolved.

Downloads (PDF) : CZ - DE - EN - ESFR - HU - IT- PL - NL - SI


ILU-Code terminal leaflet

The ILU-Code leaflet for terminals is available in EN, FR, DE.

Downloads (PDF): EN - FR - DE

brochkv-markings_deInformation Sheet on the ILU-Code and the Codification of swapbodies and semi-trailers in accordance with DIN EN 13044

Information folder of the German UIRR-member Kombiverkehr with background information for customers and a detailed description of the advantages and impacts of the standard EN 13044.

Downloads: DE - EN

Introduction of the ILU‐Code for swap-bodies and semi-trailers

The present document summarises important facts and provides a background to explain the standard EN 13044.

Downloads (PDF) : DE - EN - FR


Unaccompanied Combined Transport
IU-Codif-cover-de Reference Guide - Codification and Certification

Most ITUs (Intermodal Transport Units) in Combined Transport, loaded on wagons or bogies, require the marking of the loading gauge of the different European countries on their upper part. In order to make traffic easier, faster and in a reliable way, a codification system of the different CT elements was created. This system ensures the operational safety of the ITUs, indicates their gauge and makes the owner identification possible. The following document reflects the current situation.

Downloads (PDF) : DE - EN - ES - FR

ILU-Code, the European identifier of intermodal loading units

This flyer is available in English, French and German.

DE - EN - FR


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