Web Services

The control of the validity of the ILU-Keys (for example at the booking) is a very important step to ensure the compliant use of valid ILU-keys, and this needs to be implemented as a systematic procedure.

Two web services have been implemented to enable the control of ILU-Keys by CT operators, terminals and other stakeholders:

  • a web service enabling the control of the ILU-Key: this service allows any operator to verify in real-time if an ILU-Key exists or not in the official Register. Two statutes have been created to this end: valid or non-valid.
  • a web service for the retrieval of the entire Register of ILU-Key Holders through an XML tool. The ILU-Code Register contains information such as ILU-Key or name of company.

A technical documentation has been prepared to facilitate the implementation of these services. This document is intended for IT experts only. For security reasons, these services are only accessible through the HTTPS protocol and require therefore an authentication key.

Download (PDF in EN)

For further information regarding these web services, please contact Mr. Eric Feyen (+32 2 548 78 95 - efeyen@uirr.com).