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“The ILU-Code, a standardized identifier for intermodal loading units in Europe, is an important voluntary initiative supporting the competitiveness of Combined Transport. It is a very good example of paperless solution for stakeholders of these transport-chains.”

Violeta Bulc, European Commissioner for Transport


The ILU‐Code consisting of the Owner-key, registration number and check digit, shall be positioned on the ILU as far as practicable as shown in the figure beneath (PDF version):

The ILU-Code shall be present at least on both side walls and on the roof (minimum requirement according to EN 13044).
Optionally the marks may be present at both the rear end wall and front wall and a second time on the roof (rotated by 180 degrees). This is the recommended option for best operational visibility in compliance with the worldwide practice for maritime containers (ISO 6346).
According to the standard, letters and numerals of the ILU‐Code shall not be less than 100 mm high and of proportionate height and width. They shall be durable and in a color contrasting with that of the ILU.
The layout of the ILU‐Code shall be one single horizontal line. Where constructional features of the ILU dictate otherwise, the layout may differ from the horizontal.
The owner-key shall be joined together and shall be separated from the registration number by at least one character space. The registration number shall be separated from the check digit also by one character space and the check digit shall be displayed in a box.

ILU-Code, the European identifier of intermodal loading units

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